Production Line

Production Line


All the products are made of Eco-friendly & non toxic material, also we will follow your requirement.


Custom-made orders welcome, the progress of bulk as below:


1. Get the inquiry of the details from customers.

2. Send the free avaliable samples for checking the quality.

3. Send the design for customers' approval.

4. Send correct samples for customers' approval.

5. Send revised samples if indeed.

6. Send PPS and SSS or finally approval.

7. Ship to customers' port.

8. Solve any problems if customers' concern.

Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.



How to control the quality


There are related factories do cooperation with Hunso, we have many years experiences of the worldwide market, below are steps of quality control:


1. Do/ Supply the test report for customers' check if indeed.

2. The QC team pay attention of the bulk until ship.

3. Will send the photos/ videos with each steps.

4. Send QC report before shipping.

5. Will handle any problem if indeed.



Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.


OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcome.


Fully display the customer’s brand image


One- stop serive from Hunso, we can design by our R&D department with your requirement.


Any question please contact us.


Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.



Professional R & D team has always been committed to the production and sale of Gift boxes / Gift bags/ Sunglasses.


  • For box/ bag

Paper box and bag main use for glamorizing goods to raising the goods' competitiveness and it will be designed based on the goods as well, so there is the various shape of them.




Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.




Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.


White kraft paper: The paper with stronger tenacity and high strength, stable evenness, thickness and tone. Made with 100% wood pulp, environmental protection and non- toxic and recycled. Normal weight range: 120g-200g, no brightness and are not suitable for printing. The important it's the best choice to replace the polyester bag.


Yellow kraft paper: The natural kraft paper with high strength and tear resistance strength, normal application: shopping, envelope, weight range: 120g-300g. Printing: only suitable for one colour and uncomplicated design. The price is lower than other types of paper. 


White paperboard: The strong and thick paper with high deflection, tear-resistance strength and skid resistance. Weight range: 210g-300g, it's the best choice for printing complex colours.


Special paper: It's for the high-end market, the price is not cheap, please contact us with your requirement.


Black paperboard: Exquisite paper, high strength, tear resistance strength and skid resistance. Weight range:120g-350g, though it's not suitable for printing cause its own colour is black, gold/sliver stamp is a good choice.


White cardboard: Front colour is white and smooth, reverse side is grey. Weight range: 250g- 350g, the price is a little cheaper than white paperboard.




Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.



  • For sunglasses

Manufacturing progress: Die sinking→ Machine → Spray paint → Pylons → Trims → Clubfoot → Logo → Mounting lens → Sort out → Washing → After the road → Packing → Shipping




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How to protect


1. Wear/ take off sunglasses with 2 hands to keep the balance.

2. Hold left leg firstly when wear/takes off sunglasses, it's not easy to deform the frame.

3. Dry with paper towels then gently wipe with a lens cloth.

4. Put 凸 side up in the sunglasses box and far away 60°C or above environment.

5. Don't wear during strenuous exercise to avoid any visual.




Shanghai Hunso Trading Co., Ltd.

Below customized files types are accepted. If not please contact us.


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